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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Circular Letters - Announcing admission of a new partner

Dear Sirs,
     I have pleasure in informing you that owing to  large increase of my business, I have this day taken Mr. Cooper in my partnership and hereafter all business will be done in the name and style of.


     Mr. Cooper was sales Manager with M/s. KUWAIT TRADERS. Kuwait for ten years and has excellent selling experience of our product.

    Mr. Cooper also brings an investment of 320,000/- pounds which will enable us to expand our business by two times.

    I am grateful to you for the co-operation you have extended me so far and I hope you will continue the same in future also.

Yours faithfully,

Circular Letters - Retiring from business

Dear Sirs,
     As I am now getting on in years, I have decided to retire from business from 1 May.

     I have disposed of all my raw materials to M/s Jhonson & Co. The total stock of manufactured goods has been purchased by M/s. Tamta Bros. I am now left only with two machined of Parker Brand - 1967 in perfect running condition. Since you are a dealer in old machines of the same type, I would suggest that you may pay me a visit as early as you can and make me an offer for the same.

Yours faithfully,

This letter format tells to the partner that he is retiring from business as he is grown old and he is unable to carry out the business. Keep checking my blog for more and more letter formats.

Circular Letters - Council's circular to its members about packing problems

To All Members of the Council

Dear Sirs,
     M/s Packaging Corporation of India, New Delhi have been entrusted by the Government to conduct urgent investigations into the problems of Export Packaging.

    A study team is being appointed to visit different countries for assessing the packaging cost in different industries as also to suggest improvements in the existing methods of packaging in our country.

     The team is likely to leave India by the middle of September and it is requested that you may please fill the enclosed Questionaire and send the same to us by 18th July.

 Yours faithfully,
Questionnaire for Manufacturers of Packing Products

1. Brief details of your              1.
2. The type of packaging          2.
3. What is the proportion         3.
    of packaging cost to
    the selling price of the
    product ?
4. Do you evaluate pack-        4.
    aging cost at each step
    like storage, handling,
    distribution etc. ? Give
    brief details.
5. Have you ever tried to        5.
    reduce the packaging
    cost. ? Give brief details
    about the methods
    adopted and their results.
6. Give brief details about       6.
    the suppliers of packa-
    ging materials to your

Friday, October 30, 2009

Circular Letters - Requesting for donations

Dear friend,
       As you may be aware there are about 50 lakhs blind in our country. Just to keep these blind living the society has to bear an annual expense of Rs. 600 crores. This is a very heavy burden on a country with developing economy. Further, a number of people are becoming blind every year due to lack of food and preventive measures.
      In order to solve a part of the problem of rehabilating the blind AMIN HOME FOR THE BLIND made a humble beginning five years back by embarking upon a unique program-me of education and training-cum production. Apart from educating the blind, efforts are being made to install small scale industrial machines.
     Manufacture of handbags, toys, canning, office furniture etc. is already being done and further avenues are being explored.
     There are about 2000 blind in this institution and we are trying our best to see that each one of them produces something for the country and can live with self respect.
    To make our dreams a reality it is necessary that we should have large funds at our disposal, A number of friends are helping us by sending donations but much more is required.
    May we appeal to you to send your generous donations and also ask your friends to contribute to this noble cause?
   We may add here that all donations to this institution are emempted from Tax under section 80.6 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
    Donations may please be sent by cheques in favour of Amin Home for Blind and marked 'Payee's A/c only',

Circular letters - Inviting to participate in book fair

Dear publisher,
      We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing III Book Fair from 15th December to 22nd December, at Shangrilla Hotel, Singapore.

     The theme of the Fair is BOOKS ASIA 1976. Books printed in 1976 in any language and published in any part of Asia will only be exhibited.
     Participation fee is $ 500/- per booth 3'x4' and you can take as many booths as you like subject of course to the availability of space.
    The response for the previous two Fairs was excellent. So much so that we had to refuse a number of participants in the II Fair owing to late entries received from them.
    A special catalog of 10000 books of 1975 will be issued at the time of the Fair and all these books will be made available for sale and display during eight days of the Fair. 8000 copies of the catalog will be published. There will be posted to all leading booksellers, leading libraries and participants.
   The Fair will be set open by Prime Minister or a Cabinet Minister.
   Special invitations will be sent to educational institutions ant other organizations for visiting the fair.
    The fair will remain open between 4 P.M. and 11 P.M. on all days except Sunday when it will be open from 3 P.M. to 11.30 P.M.
    As one of the leading publishers of Asia, it is a unique opportunity for you to exhibit your books and promote exports to other countries.
    Application Form is enclosed. This should be returned to us duly filled in and completed in all respects together with your bank draft towards participation fee, before 30th August. Brief details about the books to be exhibited in the Fair should also be sent with the Application Form to enable us to compile out catalog.
   For any further information regarding the fair, please write to-

Mr. Yaseen Ahmed,
Publicity officer,
III Book Fair,
Asia Books,
Rafles Place,
Yours faithfully,

Circular Letters - Informing customers about closing old showroom and opening new showroom

Dear sir,
Owing to transport and other difficulties we have decided to close our existing showroom from 31st August.
We have taken up a new showroom on ground floor of Triveni Building Nehru complex and the same will start functioning from 11th September.
Our present staff will be transferred to our new showroom. We are also appointing some more staff as a number of new products on hosiery and leather goods are being introduced.
Situated in the Capital's most modern complex with 11 amenities available, we shall be able to serve you much better from our new showroom.
We invite you on the opening ceremony at 10.30 A.M. on 5th September.

Yours faithfully

Monday, October 26, 2009

Commercial Letters - Letter from travelling agent while on tour and Letter on Reply to travelling agent

Letter from travelling agent while on tour 

Dear Sirs,
            On my very first day, I have visited all 7 parties of this town and I am happy to inform you that I have secured orders from 5 parties for the total value of $8000.
            M/s. Nixon & Sons have got enough stocks of our goods and M/s. Taxon & company is closed for seven days owing to the death of their proprietor.
            I shall leave for my next station to-night instead of tomorrow. Assuring you my hard and sincere work.
                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,

Reply to travelling agent

Dear Mr. Richard,
            I was so happy to have your letter of 18th December that I decided to congratulate you myself on your first day’s outstanding performance.
            The orders booked by you are very encouraging and I hope you will do still better in future.
            The two samples which were not ready when you left New York, have been air mailed to-day and M/s. Bright Bros will hand-over the same to you, when you call on them.
                                                                                                            With best wishes,

                                                                                                            Yours sincerely,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Commercial Letters - Appointing a travelling agent

Dear Sir,

         With reference to your personal interview with the undersigned, this morning, we are pleased to appoint you our travelling agent on the following terms and conditions:-

1. That you will be given a monthly salarly of $500 plus 2% commission on the net value of orders secured by you.
2. That you will be entitled to first class rail-fare and a daily allowance of $20.
3. That you will book all orders on cash basis only.
4. That you will not do any work for anyone else, while on tour.
5. That either party can terminate the contract by giving 30 days notice in writing.
6. That all disputes will be subject to New York Courts only.

     If you accept the above conditions you may report for duty immediately and in no case later than 15th December.

Yours faithfully,

Note. Terms and conditions mentioned in the above letter can be reduced, modified/increased according to the convenience of the parties.

Commercial Letters - Terminating the sole Agency


Dear Sirs,
      We regret to say that despite our repeated requests and suggestions you have not cared to improve our sales in your state.
     We are now left with no choice except to terminate your agency and this may please be treated as 120 days notice as per term 13 of our agency agreement.
     Please clear all pending accounts at an early date so that we may return your cash security.

Yours faithfully,

Commercial Letters - Accepting terms of agency

Dear Sirs,
      With reference to your letter dated 25th may, we have pleasure in accepting your terms and conditions of sole-agency.
       We have today advised our bankers at New Delhi to transfer a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs to your account. Please send us your official receipt for the security deposit.
       We are pleased to place our initial order for 180 pieces. These may please be dispatched by Amritsar Transport Company instead of rail as they will deliver the goods at our showroom. Besides this being full load for two trucks, it will be economical also.
       In the meanwhile please airmail some publicity material so that we may sent the same to our customers.

Yours faithfully,

Note. It is not necessary that the distributor at Bombay should accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the above letter. On the other hand if he finds that any condition is not acceptable to him or some other condition is acceptable to him with modification, he should write to the manufacturer accordingly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commercial Letters - Offering terms of agency

Dear Sirs,
      We thank you for your letter of 18th May and shall be glad to appoint you as our sole-agent for Maharashtra State on the following terms and conditions.

1. That the sole agency will mean sole distributorship of our coloured Tv and no other product manufactured by us.
2. That the sole-agency will be for the state of Maharashtra only.
3. That you will deposit with us a cash security of RS. 5 lakhs by a bank draft.
4. That your will give us an annual sale of Rs. 60 lakhs and a commission of 12.5% will be paid on this amount. The amount of commission will be settled annually or in case the minimum sale of Rs.60 lakhs is completed earlier, the commission will become payable. 2.5% extra commission will be allowed on your increase in sales to 75lakhs and 5% if the turnover exceeds Rs.1 crore.
5.That payment of bills will be made within 30days and credit at no time will go beyond Rs 20 lakhs including your cash security of Rs. 5 lakhs. Therefore in case where this limit of Rs. 20 lakhs is reached, further documents will be sent through bank for immediate payment.
6. That so long as you sell our coloured Tv, you will not sell any other coloured TV - not even of those firms for whom you are working as a sole distributor for their TV's.
7. That all publicity material, leaflets etc. price list etc, will be supplied at our expense.
8. That all goods will be supplied F.O.R. anywhere in Maharashtra State.
9. That all goods will be properly packed in wooden cases each TV to be packed separately, and no responsibility for any damage whatsoever, will be borne by us, once the goods leave our place. This however excludes any mechanical or technical defect which will be got removed at our cost.
10. That you will not pledge or mortgage our goods to any one at any time for any reason whatsoever.
11. That all special offers will entitle you to your usual commission apart from additional benefits of special offers.
12. That dispute if any will be subject to Delhi Courts only.

We hope you will find the above acceptable.
Please return us two copies of the agreement duly signed and stamped together with a draft for Rs. 5 lakhs.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Encl.:--Agreement in triplicate.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Commercial Letters - Applying for Agency

Dear Sir,
          We refer to your to-day's advertisment in 'Indian Express' regarding appointment of stockists/agents for your coloured TV PANORAMA and are pleased to send the following information for your consideration.

1. We can offer a cash security upto 2lakhs.
2. We can guarantee an annual sale of RS. 50 lakhs, provided of course. Subject to our being appointed as exclusive distributor for the state of Maharashtra.
3. We have an excellent showroom on Hornby Road - Maharashtra's most popular business centre - its measurement are 100' * 80' Besides we have regular contacts with all the leading dealers of the state.
4. We shall pay all the bills within 45 days.
5. We shall receive all goods F.O.R. and any loss arising any-where till receipt of goods will be borne by you.
6. We shall expect a minimum commission of 15% and an additional 2% where our sales exceed RS. 60 lakhs.
7. We shall work as exclusive distributors in the state of Maharashtra.
8. We shall be entitled to all special offers, you might make from time to time, and our percentage of commission will not be affected under any cicumstance, whatsoever.
9. We are at liberty to sell any product similar to yours as long as the minimum annual sale of your product of RS. 50 lakhs is maintained.
10. All publicity matter including the price-lists in our name will be supplied to us at your cost.
11. All our orders will be executed within ten days from their dates
   As you may aware, we are exclusive distributors for Telerad and J.K. Tvs for Maharashtra.
   State Bank of India and National and Grindlays Bank, Hornby Road, Bombay will be glad to give you any information you may like about our financial status.
  Above information, we hope, will fully convince you for appointing us as your sole-distributor for the State of Maharashtra.
  We shall be glad to hear from you at an early date.
                                                                                     Yours faithfully,

Thursday, October 8, 2009