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Friday, October 30, 2009

Circular Letters - Requesting for donations

Dear friend,
       As you may be aware there are about 50 lakhs blind in our country. Just to keep these blind living the society has to bear an annual expense of Rs. 600 crores. This is a very heavy burden on a country with developing economy. Further, a number of people are becoming blind every year due to lack of food and preventive measures.
      In order to solve a part of the problem of rehabilating the blind AMIN HOME FOR THE BLIND made a humble beginning five years back by embarking upon a unique program-me of education and training-cum production. Apart from educating the blind, efforts are being made to install small scale industrial machines.
     Manufacture of handbags, toys, canning, office furniture etc. is already being done and further avenues are being explored.
     There are about 2000 blind in this institution and we are trying our best to see that each one of them produces something for the country and can live with self respect.
    To make our dreams a reality it is necessary that we should have large funds at our disposal, A number of friends are helping us by sending donations but much more is required.
    May we appeal to you to send your generous donations and also ask your friends to contribute to this noble cause?
   We may add here that all donations to this institution are emempted from Tax under section 80.6 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
    Donations may please be sent by cheques in favour of Amin Home for Blind and marked 'Payee's A/c only',

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