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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Commercial Letters - Appointing a travelling agent

Dear Sir,

         With reference to your personal interview with the undersigned, this morning, we are pleased to appoint you our travelling agent on the following terms and conditions:-

1. That you will be given a monthly salarly of $500 plus 2% commission on the net value of orders secured by you.
2. That you will be entitled to first class rail-fare and a daily allowance of $20.
3. That you will book all orders on cash basis only.
4. That you will not do any work for anyone else, while on tour.
5. That either party can terminate the contract by giving 30 days notice in writing.
6. That all disputes will be subject to New York Courts only.

     If you accept the above conditions you may report for duty immediately and in no case later than 15th December.

Yours faithfully,

Note. Terms and conditions mentioned in the above letter can be reduced, modified/increased according to the convenience of the parties.

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