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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Commercial Letters - Accepting terms of agency

Dear Sirs,
      With reference to your letter dated 25th may, we have pleasure in accepting your terms and conditions of sole-agency.
       We have today advised our bankers at New Delhi to transfer a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs to your account. Please send us your official receipt for the security deposit.
       We are pleased to place our initial order for 180 pieces. These may please be dispatched by Amritsar Transport Company instead of rail as they will deliver the goods at our showroom. Besides this being full load for two trucks, it will be economical also.
       In the meanwhile please airmail some publicity material so that we may sent the same to our customers.

Yours faithfully,

Note. It is not necessary that the distributor at Bombay should accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the above letter. On the other hand if he finds that any condition is not acceptable to him or some other condition is acceptable to him with modification, he should write to the manufacturer accordingly.

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