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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Theories on personality

There is no single definition of personality. Nearly everyone, theorist and layman alike, has his own idea of what personality is. The term personality comes from the Greek persona which means “mask”. Thus personality is thought of as the appearance a person presents to the family and outsiders. The personality has, thus, been defined as a totality of a person’s manner or his general behavior pattern, that is, the sum of his knowledge, skills, motives, and actions. Another conception of personality involves mainly on surface characteristics such as social skills. A personality description typical of this notion might be. “He is outgoing, smooth and confident”.
Personality theories developed so far can be divided into five major schools of thought:
1.    Psychoanalytic
2.    Self-Study based
3.    Cognitive
4.    Trait
5.    Learning Theory Approach.
Let’s see in detail on the above five theories in further posts.

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