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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Science and Religion

It is thought that science is against religion. Religion helps us to find the correct path for our life and to purify our life. Science polishes our life. Both are essential for understanding life. Religion dictates life but science experiments with life. Religion guides people to accept certain facts blindly. But science has given us many steps to inquire into a matter. i.e. observation, analysis and inference. Scientific theory is based on facts. Demonstration is the aim of science. It has unravelled many secrets of Nature. Both are essential for humanity. Science is an eye opener with respect to superstitious beliefs preached by religious men. Today scientists and religious men work together for the comfortable and spiritual life of humanity.

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  1. one thing i can contribute to this line of thought...we need science BUT in this world alone- which is VERRRRRRRRRRRYY short as compared to eternal life. and so, i believe that religion weighs much much more in comparison to the "worldly" science.

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