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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Corruption is an evil. It is man's creation for his own destruction. It is still becoming worse today. Men want to get things done quickly and selfishness has crept both in the high class and in the low class society. Corruption is nothing but bribing an individual to favor one. People are addicted to it because of poverty, and greed. In olden days people worked selflessly. In this competitive, modern scientific age, people want to raise their standard of living quickly by dishonest means. Corruption has spread all over the world. It is said that politicians and officials are earning a lot of money. Even the so called noble professions like doctors, lawyers and teachers are not free from this malady. From the peon to the high official all are involved in it. Smuggling, black marketing and bootlegging are other forms of corruption. It is still in the news. Corruption is created by masses.Who is to bell this cat to eradicate this evil? People should stop getting presents in the form of money or kind. Gradually it will leave the world.

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