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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Need for Women's Education

In ancient times women were given due respect. But in modern days they are still slaves to their own sex. It is very horrifying to see one women making another her slave. It is common even in educated families. Women now occupies high position in many fields. But woman have not developed in themselves the courage to stand against the evils which attack them. Most of the womenfolk in the name of superstitious beliefs spoil their lives as well as others. They have a craze for gold. So people exploit their weakness. Hence the womenfolk need proper education. They should be instructed about the developments made in the nation. In certain villages female children are killed at their birth itself. They are sold to prostitutes. These are all due to their illiteracy. Such people should be educated and guided on the proper lines. In certain places girls are sent to factories and construction work as coolies. Education alone will root out tje evils like dowry system and give women a free and easy living.

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